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Meet Alicia

Alicia Herraiz Lozano, Data Analytics graduate that found a job as Junior BI Analyst at Homeday.

Meet Alicia

Alicia, former SEA manager, joined Code Academy Berlin in January 2021 and enrolled in the 5 months Data Analytics course. Thanks to her passion and enthusiasm, she graduated in July and found a job as Junior Business Analyst right after the summer!

Read what she has to say about her experience.

What was your favorite moment at Code Academy Berlin?

I couldn’t tell just a favorite moment but lots of situations that happened during this awesome 5 months. At the end of every project, we had to do a presentation and show our results. It was a challenging moment, but in our group we wanted to reward ourselves with a cooking day once the presentation was over. We were a very international group from at least 4 different continents and enjoyed eating, so we cooked many typical recipes from each one’s region. One of the student’s had a dog called Bruna, and the dog came to the school every day. It was a very happy moment every morning when Bruna (the dog) arrived at the academy and said hi to everyone! Finally, I remember many situations, where I was stuck with the project or maybe with some code, and a student, whoever was sitting next to me at this point, just asked me about my problem and offered some ideas and alternatives that ended up being very helpful.

Why did you decide to take the Data Analytics course?

In my previous working experience in online marketing, I always had to work with datasets and analyze the performance of different campaigns. I always wanted to improve my analytical skills and this year felt like the right time to start with it.

What do you like most about Code Academy Berlin?

I really enjoyed feeling at home while doing the course. Since we were a small group of students, I felt very comfortable at the academy, with the mentors, and with my classmates. We were all like a family!

How did you finance the course?

When I took the course, I was unemployed in Germany. I was asked by the Employment office if I needed a new skill to return to the professional work as successfully as possible and they financed 100% of this bootcamp for me.

Why did you choose Code Academy Berlin over other bootcamps?

Once I was determined to take a Data Science Bootcamp in Berlin, I started doing some research about the different possibilities in this city… and there are quite a few! I was sure that I wanted to study in a small group and that I would prefer to go to the school as much as possible rather than learn online. The decision was way easier when I visited the academy before starting the bootcamp and I met the mentors and other students there. I wanted to support this local bootcamp which was trying to find a place in the bootcamp’s environment in Berlin through good work, passion for education, and caring about the students.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about joining a bootcamp?

If you have the chance and the time to do a bootcamp just do it! It’s an amazing experience to be able to just focus on learning data science in such a short time, with this practical methodology based on projects, and surrounded by mentors that are experts and are very happy to help you at every step of the learning process. The main advantage of a bootcamp is, that you will be learning together with other students on the same starting level as you are. They will be encountering and overcoming the same situations that you will do; they will help you and you will help them and so everybody will succeed.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

If you are motivated to start a new adventure in the Data Science world, then don’t miss the opportunity to do it at Code Academy Berlin. At the end of the Bootcamp, not only you will have the analytical skills and the knowledge that you wanted to gain, but also a great portfolio of projects on your GitHub, a lot of new friends and countless happy memories!

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