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Meet Marwan

Marwan Abou Esmaail, Web Development graduate that found a job as Software Developer at sollistico.

Meet Marwan

Marwan, former Financial trader, joined Code Academy Berlin in November 2020 and enrolled in the 5 months Web Development course. He was in the very first Web Development class of Code Academy Berlin and after his graduation in May he found a job as Software Developer in less than a month.

Here is the transcript of a short interview we had with him.

Do you prefer React or vanilla JavaScript?

What kind of question, React!

Who was your favorite mentor?

Well that’s a difficult question… I met 3 mentors at Code Academy Berlin, 2 of them were my mentors and the third was the Data Analysis mentor but I didn’t work with him. I cannot choose between my two mentors.

What was your final project about?

I developed a Full-Stack application for job-seekers and recruiters to connect with each others. I called it DevPool.

What did you like best at Code Academy Berlin?

All of it, starting from the Co-Founders, the mentors, the classmates, really everything.

What's the nerdiest item you owe?

My bike! I just feel it as nerdy I guess...

Where will you hang your diploma?

Well, in my room, above my head! I am really proud of it.

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