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Meet Selin

Selin Bülbül, former Biologist that started the Data Analytics course in April and now works for Bonial International.

Meet Selin

Selin joined Code Academy Berlin in April 2021 and enrolled in the 5 months Data Analytics course. She now works as Data Analyst at Bonial International.

Read what she has to say about her experience.

Why did you decide to take Data Analytics course?

Data is the most valuable resource now. Data-driven decisions are the future of every business. I have learned the importance of it through Science and I wanted to grow more on the business side.

What was your favorite moment at Code Academy Berlin?

My favorite and appreciated moment at Code Academy was the Career Week, which gave me interesting insights of the German market.

What do you like most about us?

I really like the environment they created which is supportive, helpful and understanding. Code Academy Berlin also always focuses on the market needs, having a good network, extra help at the end of the course for your personal portfolio which helps greatly to find a job later.

How did you finance the course?

Thanks to the Bildungsgutschein.

Why did you choose Code Academy Berlin over other courses?

It is beginner friendly, not too long and it prepares you well to find a job quickly.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about joining a bootcamp?

If you really dream of a career in data or web, it is the fastest way for you to achieve this goal. You need to consider that bootcamps are quite intensive, so you need to get ready for full focus, but you are working with people having the same mindset as yours, so this makes everything much easier.

What’s your job position and where do you work?

I work at Bonial International as Data Analyst.

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