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Meet Sylvia

Sylvia M. Gozdek, Data Analytics graduate that works for the Catalyst Institute for Creative Arts and Technology.

Meet Sylvia

Sylvia joined Code Academy Berlin in January 2022 and enrolled in the 3 months Data Analytics course. Her employer allowed her to join us and, financed from the weiterbildung programme, she leared a new set of skills that would allow her to bring back new expertise.

Read what she has to say about her experience.

Why did you decide to take Data Analytics course?

I had been working in CRM management and data processing for a few years and wanted to push my skills into new areas. This course would enable me to bring new expertise back to my employer while also giving me a lot of value on a personal and professional level.

What was your favorite moment at Code Academy Berlin?

Uff, do I have to pick just one? I really liked those quiet moments in the co-working space where everyone was focused and learning yet there was an open atmosphere to connect and chat and ask questions about the material. It felt communal and lovely.

What do you like most about us?

I like that you are a local group of people trying to provide a really valuable service! The curriculum is challenging, the vibe is nourishing and the support is gold-hearted!

How did you finance the course?

Luckily, my employer was willing to support me in my study and so I joined the course as a part of a weiterbildung programme through the arbeitsamt.

Why did you choose Code Academy Berlin over other courses?

The modular programme was really attractive as it allowed me to access the 3-months option immediately and still be able to come back in the future for extended learning. Code Academy was also the most approachable, friendly and trustworthy school that I came across. I also wanted something in-person and not online.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about joining a bootcamp?

Be prepared for some intensity, let the content overwhelm you, try your best to learn what you can and be experimental (and not too serious). The broad exposure is a great foundation for future learning because that's really the key to these techy fields - endless learning.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Just a sincere thank you for all your hard work and I hope to see y'all on some Friday nights this summer :)

What’s your job position and where do you work?

My bundle of roles sit under a broad "Community & Data Director" title but I mostly deal with application processing and connecting the technical systems for data transfer. I work here in Berlin at an international college called Catalyst Institute for Creative Arts and Technology.

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