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Web Development

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Monday, May 30th 2022

Web Development

Start your Summer of Code. Spread peace & love through modern-looking and powerful applications.

Monday, May 30th 2022

Data Science

Start your Summer of Code. Spread peace & love through insightful and personalized analysis.

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Meet SmartNinja

July 19, 2021

Meet SmartNinja, our new partner in crime, specialized in adult IT education around Europe. In this interview article, we spoke with Miha - CEO and Co-Founder - about everything you need to know to join their program.


Berlin Coding

What better place to launch your career than in Germany’s diverse capital?

Fastest-growing tech city in europe

Berlin as a start-up hub with its buzzing tech community makes the city especially attractive to international talents with diverse backgrounds. The industry is continuously growing and new brands enter the market all the time. We are the best example for it.

Discovering the life-style

We love Berlin for its diversity, freedom and creativity. Even after years, you still discover new spots that blow your mind and make you appreciate the Big B even more.

Get a push to land a job

In addition to your technical training at Code Academy Berlin, you will have full access to our career services to start your future in the tech industry.