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Start-up capital

Berlin as a start-up hub with it’s buzzing tech community makes the city especially attractive to young and internationational talent. The industry is continuously growing and new brandes enter the market all the time. We are the best example for it

With big players like Tesla, SAP or Amazon moving in, the Tech world becomes even more diverse and attractive to non-german speakers.

Almost daily you can find all kinds of meet-ups, science conventions, job fairs or social events happening which allow you to join easily. One of our favorite is Berlin Science Week

In 2019 the senate of Berlin called out a regional demand for tech talent. The city is pushing hard to support the industry and make it easier for you to join from abroad. Our go-to-guys to make it happen, Berlin partners

As in our campus side, you will find a variety of co-working places, business-communities, office spaces and hubspots. The creative metropolis will let you discover new amazing spots all the time, even after years of living here.

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