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5 reasons to choose Code Academy Berlin to become a Web Developer in 2021

This article will give you an idea of what you can consider when choosing a coding bootcamp other than the technologies, the duration, and the cost.

5 reasons to choose Code Academy Berlin to become a Web Developer in 2021

Deciding to join a bootcamp is a big life decision, so choosing which one to attend is a huge first step with a lot of things to consider. You might already have defined a few key criteria that you would like to see in your future academy however, with the number of schools exploding in the city it can be hard to find answers.

Let us help you, not by telling you the length of our courses, nor the technologies that we teach. If you got to this article and you would like to become a web developer, we trust that you will be able to visit our course pages to get the information you need.

Instead, we will give you thoughts about what makes Code Academy Berlin different and standoff in the jungle of bootcamps that is Berlin. Having ourselves worked for a competitor before founding CABerlin, we have very good knowledge of what your experience might be.

1. Personalization of projects
You will start every coding bootcamp by learning HTML and CSS, then move on to JavaScript and frameworks. No mystery there, these are the base skills mandatory for any web developer. However, at CABerlin we have decided that learning these technologies shouldn't constrain our students to a specific theme. Therefore, we give you full liberty to express your hobbies and design ideas, with constant feedback from your mentors on what you can expect to achieve with your websites.

2. We teach our own stack
A stack refers to the set of technologies used for a website. At Code Academy Berlin, our developers will teach you in-demand technologies that we have used for our website and learning platform. It is really easy to analyze how a website is built thanks to add-on for your browser such as wappalyzer.
Don't just trust us. Check it for yourself.

3. One on one time with mentors
Each student gets to have personal time with the mentors, with a ratio of max. 10 students per mentor. This is the reason why at CABerlin is possible to have personalized projects and to a certain extent, personalized content. Together we will define your strength and weaknesses and if necessary we will make the content fit your needs. We do not set any limit on the times each student can ask assistance from the mentors as this differs from each student.

4. Company-like projects
You will have to start all projects from scratch. We will never give you a template where you have to add few lines of code to make it work, we will teach you how to handle a project from its creation to its deployment, exactly how it works in companies.

5. Collaborative work
Because developer-only spend around 30% of their time writing new code and the rest on organizing, sharing, and reviewing other people’s work, we at Code Academy Berlin have chosen the last project to be a collaboration between you and your groupmates. You will learn how to read other’s people code and cleanly write yours. You will also get more familiar with the concept of Version Control System. This time you will not be only the developer, but you will act as a Tech Lead because you will not only choose the topic, but you will be able to decide on the stack you want to use and organize the development of the project.

We hope that this short article made you realize that when choosing to commit yourself to a course, what you need to research is more than just the technologies. Learning the most in-demand programming languages is important, but our goal is for you to learn how to think and work as a programmer. If with these words we picked your interest, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to getting to know you better!

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