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Meet SmartNinja

Meet SmartNinja, our new partner in crime, specialized in adult IT education around Europe. In this interview article, we spoke with Miha - CEO and Co-Founder - about everything you need to know to join their program.

Meet SmartNinja

Can you please introduce Smartninja and give a short summary of what you do?

SmartNinja is an international coding school present in 12 different markets across Europe. We offer part-time IT courses to people who want to or need to learn IT skills to get a better job or to be better at their job. All our courses are happening in the native language so we offer courses in 12 different languages. Before the pandemic, all our courses were happening live in a classroom around different cities. Now all our courses are online, but still live so all our users can interact with each other and their instructor.

SmartNinja classroom

Which classes do you offer and who would be the ideal candidate for Smartninja?

Our courses vary from programming courses (Python, JavaScript,..), databases, internet security, and new technologies like blockchain and decentralized finance. All our courses are part-time (happening in the afternoon or evening) and at reasonable prices. Learn more about our location and courses here:

How do you apply for your classes?

The application process is pretty straightforward. We schedule courses regularly and anybody can apply to the course through an application form. We also offer Early Bird prices for early application (even up to 50% discount). We also offer payment in installments.

Do you ask for any pre-work or pre-knowledge?

For the majority of our courses, there is no pre-knowledge required because our courses are for beginners. For our advanced courses (like Web Development 2 or JavaScript course) we have pre-knowledge requirements that are checked with our users before they start a course.


What does a week with Smartninja look like?

Users have e-sessions 2-3 times a week. Each session is 90 minutes long. Between sessions, users have homework or projects that they work on by themselves. They do have support from fellow users and instructors over Slack or forum for any questions or comments they might have. Also, all our e-session are recorded so users can check specific lessons or topics anytime they need. The curriculum is also available all the time, even after the course ends.

Tell us more about your team. Who is making the magic happen?

SmartNinja is a small team, consisting of 4 team members at SmartNinja headquarters. We have amazing franchise partners (around 20 people) who are managing local SmartNinjas units in different countries and 50+ instructors who are teaching our great courses. Who makes the magic happen? Definitely our great instructors. They are the ones who are in contact with users the most. All our instructors are full-time programmers and work directly in the industry. We believe this is the best way for users to get an insight into the industry and the skills they need to help them succeed.

Miha Fabian

Can you give us an example of a success story of graduates?

We have many successful graduates, who totally changed their life with SmartNinja courses. One of them is the story of Iztok from Slovenia. Iztok was a professional football player in the 1st Slovenian football league. At the age of 23, he injured his knee so his sport career was over. He had to think about what else he can do in his life. He decided to try a SmartNinja programming course (Web Development 1). At the course, he learned that he really enjoyed programming. The instructor also noticed his talent, work ethic, and fast learning. After the course, he first got an internship and later a job at this local IT company from Slovenia.

SmartNinja success

Why should graduates of Code Academy Berlin consider joining a class with Smartninja?

At the beginning of 2021, we made a partnership with the great Bootcamp Code Academy Berlin. Together with the team at CABerlin we found out we have a lot of things in common and we could make a great partnership to bring our product to users. With shorter SmartNinja courses we give our users pre-required knowledge to join great programs at Code Academy Berlin. Typical steps we see is that a person attends SmartNinja Web Development 1 and Web Development 2 course, and then enrolls in a program at Code Academy Berlin.

Finally, what is the fee for a course, and can CABerlin students get any discount?

Yes, they do! Whoever is interested in SmartNinja courses gets a special 10% discount on any of our courses with a special promo code: SNCABERLIN. Check our great courses (in German and English) here:

SmartNinja website

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