Graduated in June 2023 with the Bronze Elephants cohort

I have a background in communication design, and my interest in websites and design has been strong since I was a teenager. So, when the opportunity came up, I decided to enroll in the web development course at Code Academy Berlin.

What are the reasons you chose Code Academy Berlin?

I had explored other options previously, but the atmosphere never quite clicked for me. Codac, however, felt more personal and offered an equal starting point for everyone, regardless of their experience with coding.

About the Web Development course

Our cohort consisted of seven other members, and our daily routine typically started at 9am with a standup meeting, followed by a 'spike' session led by Raúl, where he shares his insights relevant to our current project. Then we applied ourselves to our tasks & made progress until the end of the day by working on our own websites. Working within the cohort felt like a team effort, with a lot of mutual support.

About your learning experience

Like any learning journey, there have been challenges. The learning curve was steep initially, but the supportive environment at Codac, especially from Raúl, Lucas & my cohort, helped me overcome difficulties or frustration along the way. Since I come from a design background, I was more drawn to frontend work. Raúl understood this and helped me focus on frontend development, even though the course covered full-stack.

Project Showcase

I am very proud of this project. Inspired by Pinterest, this is a platform where you can upload your own pictures and create a mood board.


About your life after the Academy

I would say that career-wise Codac (Code Academy Berlin) was the best decision I could have made for myself. Prior to Codac, I was working as a graphic designer, which was fulfilling on its own.

I work now a little over 8 month as a frontend developer. Transitioning more into software has opened up new horizons & opportunities for me that makes me proud of myself & makes me feel empowered.

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