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Small academy. Big ideas

Code Academy Berlin has been founded with the vision of creating a unique, local and familiar learning environment for talents from all over the world. We proudly remain independent, enabling us to prioritize personalized learning and provide a supportive, close-knit community.

Learning community

We strongly believe that the excitement of career change isn’t just achieving your end goal, but the experiences and people you meet on your journey.

Coding is creative

Our programs are designed to give you the opportunity to follow your own ideas, take ownership in your personal projects, express yourself through code and reach your individual milestones.

Problem solving thinking

Programming isn't just about writing code, it's about creating solutions to problems you might not understand by dividing them into smaller problems that you will gradually learn to solve.

Choosing between our courses

Data Science and Web Development offer exciting opportunities in high demand in the Berlin tech industry. Consider your interests, career goals, and don't hesitate to schedule a meeting with one of our advisors for guidance on choosing which course aligns best with your aspirations.

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Next courses

19 August 2024

Data Science & Machine Learning

Full-time On-site

Machine Learning, Get ahead of the game with our data science course.

19 August 2024

Full-Stack & AI Web Development

Full-time On-site

Join the ranks of the Code Academy Berlin successful web developers!


Included in our trainings

Code Academy Berlin will offer you full support and guidance in your journey to start your future in the tech industry. Our trainings simulate a tech startup lifestyle: being surrounded by like-minded people, prepare to be inspired by the goals and passion of both your mentors and fellow students.

Live Classes and Workshops

Our mentors are present on campus to support you in your learning journey with 3 to 5 live interactive classes and workshops per week.

Daily one on one mentorship

You are not alone! Wether you are stuck on a coding challenge, need some advice or just want to discuss the next feature of your project, you will have access to our one on one mentorship as much as you need. Our mentors are dedicated to helping you even after the end of the course!

Work environment

We have a generous office space, which includes a large student room with monitors, some private study areas, a lecture hall, and an equipped kitchen. You’ll be provided with a comfortable work space, a monitor, and as much tea and coffee as you like!

Career services

Each of our training includes a full week dedicated to your career with individual job coaching and a series of workshops that will guide you through updating your CV and being ready for the tech industry's hiring process.


Create bonds with other students that last way after the course. Every cohort at Code Academy Berlin chooses their name with a color and an animal. These are the names that will be used everyday and bring a unique group identity to our community. What Animal and Color will you choose?

Graduations and events

Every cohort will have their own exclusive graduation events at the end of the course alongside a number of community events that take place throughout the year such as Hackathons, Potlucks, Movie nights or the summer BBQ.

Notebook Laptop

We can provide you with a Windows laptop that is perfect for your coding journey. You may keep it for a supplement at the end of the courses (i.e. 200€ after 5 months courses, 300€ after 4 months or 400€ after 3 months).

Financing options

BildungsgutscheinGerman education voucher


  • We accept the German education voucher from Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Jobcenter or Qualifizierungschancengesetz
  • The voucher covers the full fees of our courses.
  • We can assist you in the process of getting the voucher.
Self-financingno hidden fees



  • Payable in monthly installments
  • 5% discount by paying at the start of the course
  • 13 weeks option: Total of 8000€
  • 17 weeks option: Total of 10000€
  • 21 weeks option: Total of 11000€

*3 month progression with 5% discount for paying at the start of the course