Graduated in April 2024 with the Petrol Raccoons cohort

I was doing a Master's in History and wanted to make a career change for quite a while since I was not happy working in research. After getting a lot of positive feedback from other people who did similar courses I decided to look for a program myself.

What are the reasons you chose Code Academy Berlin?

When I did some research on coding boot camps my two main factors were time (how long a course is) and that it's in person and not online.

About the Web Development course

Student E commerce project

The course itself was pretty intense but thanks to my great mentors and friendly colleagues in combination with a daily routine set up by the academy helped me to finish the course and acquire a lot of skills while having loads of fun at the same time. Also, my caffeine consumption spiked for the duration of the course xD

About your learning experience

The learning curve was extremely steep, especially since I didn't have any coding experience in the past. It gets easier over time though. My lowest point was probably after starting to code with Javascript since, as mentioned before, I was a total newbie. Highs were definitely after finishing a project and presenting it in front of my cohort and also while working on our final project.

About your life after the Academy

Search for a job, position, changes in your life... There haven't been many changes so far. I just recently finished the course and took a week off to reward myself for completing the course and to relax a bit. For the moment I'm starting to get into the right mindset for the job hunt and to start applying to companies. The biggest impact so far is that I'm missing everyone from the academy and caffeine consumption went back down to normal.

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