How to study for free with the Bildungsgutschein

You could be eligible to take our courses for free

Code Academy Berlin is a certified education institute and can therefore accept the Bildungsgutschein (education voucher) from the Agentur für Arbeit / Jobcenter (Employment agency). The voucher can be given to you for any necessary training you need, for you to enter the workforce, change your career, or secure a job for future tasks. The voucher covers the full fees, costs for transportation and child care. Also note, your unemployment money (ALGI) will be extended for 50% of the time you spend with us.

Where do I get a Bildungsgutschein?

The Bildungsgutschein can be issued by the Agentur für Arbeit / Jobcenter. In order to get a mandatory consultancy talk, you need to register and declare unemployment, that you are open to work or at risk of losing your job. The registration can be done online here, you can call the hotline 0800 4 555500 in German, or go in person to the nearest Agency in your district for consultancy. As a former agent of the Federal Employment agency in Berlin, our Career Advisor Jost can help you prepare the necessary resources, documents and tips for the talk with your agent. Please reach out for any support at:
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I want to upskill or re-skill but not quit my job, any tips?

Yes! We have some great news for you. Germany passed a law which allows you to get mandatory training in digital skill sets and supports you in getting it. It is called the Qualifizierungschancengesetz. If you want to learn coding and your employer supports the idea, we have just the right course for you. Our part-time evening classes can be covered by the Bildungsgutschein for upskill classes. Get in touch with us to learn more. The best part - depending on the size of your company, up to 100% of the fees can be covered PLUS up to 75% of your salary for the time you are in our classes. Sounds good? Get in touch with us to learn how we can make it happen for you.

You can request our Bildungsgutschein handbook by with our course syllabus