Get the skills you need to land a job as a web developer in 12 weeks.

Get the skills you need to land a job as a web developer in 12 weeks.


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Front-End Developer

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of Front-End Web Development and all the necessary tools to create your first website and Progressive Web Applications (PWA). You will use HTML and CSS to create and style the pages following your design mockups and at the end you will deploy to the world wide web. Afterward you will learn how to create interactive websites using JavaScript and responsive web applications with more advanced frameworks such as React or Vue.


Our methodology

The IT branch is driven by innovation and fast-pace business. To allow you to succeed on the long run in the industry, we established our learning methodology accordingly.

  • Practical training: to successfully master coding as a skill, you need to experience how it works from minute one. With our learning-by-doing approach we supply you with all necessary resources but trust in your journey of learning how to create, change and optimize your own code.
  • Double-Loop Learning: sustainable learning happens also on the meta-level. Therefore we encourage you to always question your strategies, solutions and perceptions to optimize them continuously. In order to successfully master your projects, we not only challenge you on a technical level, but also in your associate thinking.
  • Employability: our methodology encourages you to learn on your own, do your own research and establish your own ways of mastering your tasks. Improving your transfer skills will allow you to easily adjust to the requirements in the job market. Your new acquired self-driven learning skills as well as your adaptability are skills which are, according to our experience, as much appreciated from employers as your technical know-how.
  • Agile: the modular structure of our classes reflect the benefits of modern learning and agile project management. Similar to your future career as a developer or analyst, we start the day with daily stand-up meetings with your mentors. Each project is devided in sprints, starts with a kick-off workshop and ends in your presentation of your final results. This way we can always keep track of your progress and adjust the tempo individually.

Come to consult our mentors

Changing career is a big step your life, therefore if you are not sure about the length of the course or the technologies used we suggest you to book an appointment with us and come to talk. We will help you find the most suitable set of skills depending on your interests and on the time you have available.

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