A Berlin start up

Code Academy Berlin has been founded with the vision of creating a unique, local and familiar learning environment for talents from all over the world. We strongly believe that starting a new career is more than just acquiring knowledge, but about the experience along the way. It starts by a warm welcoming, continues with personal care and peeks in conjointly celebration of success. Our syllabuses in Data Analytics and Web Development are designed to give you the opportunity to follow your own ideas, take ownership in your personal projects and reach your individual milestones.

Meet the team

Our team combines expertise in digital training with a deep understanding of the Berlin market and its needs. Sharing a mutual understanding of what makes a great developer or analyst, we created a curriculum which is based on our professional coding background as well as on our personal experience as bootcamp graduates. Together we designed a learning methodology which links our insights with a touch of personal best-practise. We would be happy to invite you to our beautiful campus and explore your new career path.


Coming from a background in history and political science, Jost graduated as a Master in Business Coaching and Change Management. With a decade of experience as recruiter, job-coach and career-consultant, he brings a unique knowledge of the Berlin job market. During your classes he will assure your best preparation in the process of application via individual coaching sessions and workshops.
Catch-phrase "Fetch more APIs"
Favorite spot "Bornholmer Hütte Beergarden & Bowling"
Fun fact "I have the same middle-name as Santa"


A true career changer: she traded slinging cocktails for puzzling through code. Code Academy tried and tested, she leveled-up from student to mentor and is delighted to continue brainstorming project ideas and solving problems. The endorphin rush from solving a JavaScript challenge keeps her spirits high and energy level up!
Catch-phrase "Waste not, want not!"
Favorite spot "Schlachtensee"
Fun fact "Compulsively collects elastic bands and glass jars."


Before co-founding Code Academy Berlin, Lucas was an aerospace engineer and has strong industrial experience working within the IT industry. For over five years, he worked in software architecture for Airbus in France. Passionate about travel, Lucas roamed the globe until he passed by Berlin… and never left. As a web developing mentor, you’ll find that Lucas is always keen to jump onto new projects and discuss ideas, no matter how challenging they may seem.
Catch-phrase "Hold my beer!"
Favorite spot "Boxhagener Platz (Boxi)"
Fun fact "I’m not fun."


Arjun is a people-centric storyteller proficient in analyzing market insights and tactfully developing successful content strategies. His strengths are his broad skill-set covering the analytical and creative spectrum. Making sense of raw data and then using a subset of practical production skills allowed him to deliver over 250+ multimedia projects within the last 10 years. Overtime, he realized he loved making content for himself which led him to pivot to data science full-time so that he can focus on keeping all that creative vision to himself. He enjoys cooking intricate recipes and making videos of his process, loves producing comedy skits and enjoys fashion photography. More recently, he started improv comedy which he believes adds value to his daily life, however, people around him are skeptical of this.
Catch-phrase "Na. I’mma stay all Namaste up in here."
Favorite spot "That tiny little bar in Kotti which I choose to keep a secret."
Fun fact "I once ate 29 boiled eggs in one sitting."


After her Italian literature and linguistics studies, Sarah worked as project manager for a dubbing and subtitling company and as a German teacher for a private school in Berlin. With her unique mix of skills and experiences, she is helping Code Academy Berlin with all administrational matters and she helps the students dealing with the Agentur für Arbeit and Jobcentre.
Catch-phrase "From there we came outside and saw the stars"
Favorite spot "Grunewald"
Fun fact "Ich bin ein Berliner!"


Originally from Spain, Raúl came to Berlin one day and loved the city so much that it’s being already 10 years working and living here. Studied Economics in Salamanca, and worked for various international pharmaceutical companies, and also led his own start-up to success. In this city, he discovered not only the kneipen with the cheapest beer, but also his passion about Coding, so he decided to change his career and jump into it . As a web mentor, he will coach you with knowledge, patience and almost inexhaustible good humour. Besides coding, he is also a passionate cook and diver, and he will happily organize you the most amazing travel around Spain.
Catch-phrase "Smells like cinnamon, but it is poison, but it smells like cinnamon…"
Favorite spot "Any U8 Stop after Feierabend."
Fun fact "He can cook a steak for 48 hours, to be eaten in 15 minutes."


Coming from a strong engineering background, Killian worked in design, automation and process engineering in the aircraft and pharma industries before coming to Berlin. After two years as logistics lead for a small company, he decided to re-skill in data science. Killian’s passion for working on energy saving projects in resource-intensive industries and keeping up with emerging technologies will be an asset to students looking to use their newfound skills to make a difference.
Catch-phrase "That’s Numberwang!"
Favorite spot "Boulderklub Kreuzberg"
Fun fact "He helped found a full contact historical sport fighting federation."