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A Berlin start up

Code Academy Berlin has been founded with the vision of creating a unique, local and familiar learning environment for talents from all over the world. We strongly believe that starting a new career is more than just acquiring knowledge, but about the experience along the way. It starts by a warm welcoming, continues with personal care and peeks in conjointly celebration of success. Our syllabuses in Data Analytics and Web Development are designed to give you the opportunity to follow your own ideas, take ownership in your personal projects and reach your individual milestones.

Meet the team

Our team combines expertise in digital training with a deep understanding of the Berlin market and its needs. Sharing a mutual understanding of what makes a great developer or analyst, we created a curriculum which is based on our professional coding background as well as on our personal experience as bootcamp graduates. Together we designed a learning methodology which links our insights with a touch of personal best-practise. We would be happy to invite you to our beautiful campus and explore your new career path.


Coming from a background in history and political science, Jost graduated as a Master in Business Coaching and Change Management. With a decade of experience as recruiter, job-coach and career-consultant, he brings a unique knowledge of the Berlin job market. During your classes he will assure your best preparation in the process of application via individual coaching sessions and workshops.
Catch-phrase "Fetch more APIs"
Favorite spot "Bornholmer Hütte Beergarden & Bowling"
Fun fact "I have the same middle-name as Santa"


Before co-founding Code Academy Berlin, Lucas was an aerospace engineer and has strong industrial experience working within the IT industry. For over five years, he worked in software architecture for Airbus in France. Passionate about travel, Lucas roamed the globe until he passed by Berlin… and never left. As a web developing mentor, you’ll find that Lucas is always keen to jump onto new projects and discuss ideas, no matter how challenging they may seem (and especially with a cold beer).
Catch-phrase "Hold my beer!"
Favorite spot "Boxhagener Platz (Boxi)"
Fun fact "I’m not fun."


Former architect with a Master of Science in Architecture and Technology, Ottavia studied and worked in several countries before deciding that Berlin was going to be her final destination. Here, after following an academy of programming herself, she worked as a mentor for over an year while keeping updated with the latest technologies through several projects and competitions. Thanks to these experiences she brings an unique mix of knowledge of the tech industry and understanding for people that have never coded before. Ask her anything and she will find a million different ways to explain it!
Catch-phrase "A day ends better with an aperitif"
Favorite spot "Admiralbrücke"
Fun fact "I admit it, I eat pasta everyday"


With more than 8 years experience as Software engineer, Project lead & IT Product trainer, Shekhar has interviewed 100+ career changers / job seekers (IT) in MNCs including IBM, Cognizant. Hailing from a family of teachers, Shekhar has a strong inclination towards education which eventually turned him into a Data Science Mentor from an IT professional. He believes that 'Mentoring is an art of providing students with new ways of thinking or learning in a structured manner'. In his past assignments, he had the opportunity to train 30+ Data Analysts & Scientists to help them change/ progress in their careers. Shekhar holds a bachelor in Computers and has a keen interest in Intelligent Machines.
Catch-phrase "Give me Data. I will tell a Story"
Favorite spot "Britzer Garten"
Fun fact "The first time I hit a football was with a Cricket bat."