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Story of a Berlin Start-Up

The Code Academy Berlin 5 W


Like most of the Start-Up companies, Code Academy Berlin has also an exciting story behind it. Before you keep reading this, you should know that it does not start in the basement of our grandmother’s houses (what a bummer!).

Our team, consisting of Jost, Lucas, Ottavia and Shekhar, comes from very different backgrounds and countries but back in the days we ended up working together for a coding school in Berlin. For over a year we shared all the good and bad moments that life hits you with, and eventually became friends more than colleagues. Together we survived two winters in Berlin, several German bureaucratic issues (sounds familiar?), few hangovers (German beers are not as light as you might think) and the beginning of a global pandemic.

They say that relationships in Berlin last no longer than one year and that is what happened to our too. They also say that the second love is never as beautiful and intense as the first. Well, we want to prove that wrong. Therefore, leveraging from our different skills set and characters we gave birth to Code Academy Berlin, a small and local coding school that will guide you through all the good, the bad and the ugly moments in your career-changer life.

We are your mentors, not your teachers: we want to have an open and honest relationship with you, seeking constant feedback in order to create the best possible learning environment.

We are consultants too, tailoring the lectures and the projects to your specific interests and needs.

We also are project managers, involving you in collaborative works with other people.

We can be your table tennis partners - Ottavia the Lazy Athlete -, your life coaches - Shekhar the Wise -, your bureaucracy advisor - Jost the Loophole Master - and your drinking buddies too - Lucas the Sommelier -.

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

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